What do I expect from this master?

“I’ve dreamed a dream”

That’s a pretty big question! Because the risk here is to sound over confident or too little pretentious. Anyway rest assured I will not take over the world or become president .
What is my aspiration in life? Certainly be happy, in the sense of getting a job that allow you a perfect balance between private life and work. Because you can get the best job in the world and do not have time for yourself. That’s not my ideal!
What about my dream job? I already know that during this master I will change my mind million of times but theoretically, because of course in practice it may be totally different, I started this experience with the idea of working in the merchandising for a fast fashion giant as far as corporate social responsibility is concerned.
Why in the fast fashion? Because it is and will continue to be a dynamic business model that is successful in the fashion industry and it is an excellent training school in order to move into other segments.
Why CSR? Because it is the near future! Finally fashion will completely make cool responsibility integrating it with aesthetics. In fact a beautiful product can also be responsible without losing appeal! This will be possible even in luxury.


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