What a fun choco- experience!


We all seem to be forensic scientists ready to go on the crime scene for the investigation, but actually we were about to kill ourselves eating  many pralines of different and tasty flavors, biscuits and chocolate cakes totally handmade by famous Italian confectioners. 

The company I’m talking about is T’A Milan, founded by two brothers, Tancredi and Alberto Alemagna in 2007. 1394534109651alemagna_grande

Maybe almost everybody have already heard the name Alemagna, famous in the past for the Italian traditional “panettone”.  Just like that, Gioacchino Alemagna the famous confectioner who created the delicious Panettone, was their grandpa. So the two brothers inherited the passion for chocolate and high confectionery from him. With this business Tancredi and Alberto wanted to bring back the family art but revisited in a contemporary and more refined view. 

The cornerstone of the company is the combination of history and innovation, tradition and creativity and high quality and refinement. Through that,they want to propose and promote the excellence of Made in Italy. What they want to convey to the worldwide customers are the values of high quality, Italian spirit and design.T'A fabbrica del cioccolato dei Fratelli Tancredi e alberto Alem

About two weeks ago we had the chance to visit the laboratories in which the artisanal production is made. So it was a really fun and “delicious” experience. Tancredi started to explain us the origins of  chocolate, how the chocolate was made using simple cocoa beans, the mixture and all the curiosity behind this process. We could enter the factory and saw how the chocolate artisans and the confectioners work and create wonderful chocolate sculptures or bars or simple heart shape praline.

They prepared a buffet for us with a huge variety of chocolate made with a mix of strong flavor. There were praline with pieces of fresh fruit inside, covered up with dark, white or milk chocolate; even more raspberry chocolate, orange chocolate, pistachio chocolate and so on. Among these wide range of products I was impressed by small and white heart shape chocolate made with strawberry juice and champagne, a mix of strong flavors and ingredients that makes this company different, not only in terms of quality, that’s in my opinion very high, but also in terms of innovation and creativity.10393888_10204569552936397_319397945891123192_n

From that day I can’t stop eating T’A Chocolate. I suggest to try it.

Dalila Coppeta



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