Marco Bizzarri: a success case

Bizzarri Gucci

In my last post about Gucci, I wrote a little about Marco Bizzarri’s background and how important the executive’s role and decisions will be for the company’s success, especially in this period of radical changes.

When I see a powerful person, I am always curious about his/her background, in order to better understand the success. So this post is dedicated to Mr Bizzarri’s professional life.

Marco Bizzarri graduated in Bocconi University, one of the Europe top 7 and World’s top 35 institutions for Economics + Econometrics and Accounting + Finance courses.

The executive career started in Mandarina Duck Group, from 1993 to 2004 as a general manager. After he became general manager of Marithé & François Girbaud in Paris just for one year.

In 2005 Bizzarri joined Kering Group formulating Stella McCartney’s strategies for the emergence in Asia.

It is probably at Bottega Veneta, as President and chief executive, that starting 2009 the executive builds its masterpiece, being able to notably increase profits, even in a crisis period.  Bucking the trend, Bizzarri maintained price points, upped communications spending and retained Bottega Veneta’s artisans, the core of brand’s products. In 2010, thanks to his actions, Bottega Veneta rebounded faster than its competitors reporting a yearly profit growth of 27 percent.
In addition to driving growth, capitalizing on the shifting market, Bizzarri successfully repositioned Bottega Veneta in the eyes of consumers as one of the most luxurious and desirable brands. Bizzarri astutely focused on the brand’s intrecciato weaving technique, granting Bottega Veneta an immediately recognizable brand signifier, in keeping with its discreet image and appeal. He guided Bottega Veneta to become a billion dollar brand, with over 200 stores worldwide. A successful case for sure.

Marco Bizzari, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bottega Veneta, poses during an interview with Reuters at the Bottega Veneta's shop in Paris

However he just covered this position for few months, not because he was not apt for such role, but for the opposite!

Indeed in the context of Kering’s decision to reorganize its flagship brand Gucci, the Italian executive was chosen to lead such process, in the certainty that his credibility in the market, the proven competence in such a peculiar sector and the caring for the company, always put above himself, will be the right features to take the florentine company to achieve the leadership goals set by the French shareholder.

Mr. Bizzarri words already showed the path to be followed:

You always need to be curious and study, the market is moving so fast, there is nothing set into the wall. You need to be very, very flexible”.

Catarine Cantamessa


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