What I Want to Be After This Course by Cvetelina Aleksandrova


A Master course in one of the most prestigious institutions in Italy, Il sole 24 Ore, is always an advantage. Attending the course, one could learn by various experts, professionals and self-employed. Theoretical and discoursive approaches are crucial for better comprehension and involvement in the topics. Homework is always present and helps working in teams.

International Luxury Management is the course that could offer me more opportunities. I wished I could participate in this master due to my international background and multi-linguistic experiences. Performing well in luxury brands I am strongly convinced that an additional master in my CV could help me obtain a better position in the field.

Learning various strategies and acquiring new techniques enlarge my personal knowledge and make me a suitable candidate for working in brand management. My linguistic competence and fluency in five languages could provide me with the necessary qualities for a position in communication as well.

Working in luxury is above all a type of business and the Business School of Il Sole 24 Ore seems the appropriate place to attend the master.

Cvetelina Aleksandrova



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