Cvetelina Aleksandrova


My name is Cvetelina Aleksandrova, Bulgarian, aged 29. I strongly believe I could be of great contribution to companies, organisations and associations due to my international experience and fluency in five languages.

The quality of my performance is due to my Bachelor Degree in English Studies and a Master Degree in Translation and Linguistics. I studied in Bulgaria, England and two years of a Bachelor Degree in International Studies in Padova, Italy as well as additional courses in business economics, acting, piano.
My working experience in Bulgaria, Italy, France and The United States makes me a successful employee and partner, responsible, easily adaptable and always willing to learn new things!

Having spent a year in the luxury industry in Paris, I found inspiration in luxury goods, fashion and lifestyle. Always taking challenges and becoming fluent in English, Italian, Russian and French, apart of my Bulgarian mother tongue, could bring an international touch to every company.

Interpreter and organiser of international events in the University of Shumen, Bulgaria, Director of Studies of British Institutes, Treviso, Italy and Retail Sales Associate in Bally and Brooks Brothers, Paris, France demontrate my skills in communication, customer service and creativity.

Il Sole 24 Ore is of great importance not only for the Italian but international business as well. I highly appreciate the opportunity to participate in this Master considering the fact that it would help me to develop new areas of expertise through innovative and business training. I admire the practical knowledge and real-situation strategies that are taught in the Master.

I have a strong interest in pursuing a career in the magic world of luxury: the business of selling dreams, and I believe that I possess the ability and initiative to deliver professional input and dedication.



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