“Gastel on the road” in Via MonteNapoleone

From January 14 to 21, during Milan Fashion Week, Via MonteNapoleone host Gastel on the road, an exhibition that traces and celebrates the career of the fashion photographer in Milan.

The exhibition, organized by MonteNapoleone in collaboration with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion and curated by Alessandro Cocchieri, brings together 27 works they see portrayed male icons like Roberto Bolle, Germano Celant, Roberto D’Agostino, Francesco Scianna, Ettore Sottsass, a perfect catwalk at times glam and sometimes pop into the Milanese shopping street.

“The exhibition reveals the undisputed talent of the famous photographer who skillfully combines fashion and male world, portraying a gallery of eclectic men emphasizing style details. This exhibition inaugurates a full calendar of events MonteNapoleone wanted to organize for 2015 and for the period of EXPO, “said the President of MonteNapoleone Guglielmo Miani.

Words echoed those of President of CNMI Mario Boselli: “We are very pleased to have collaborated on this beautiful initiative of MonteNapoleone that pays due recognition to Giovanni Gastel, great artist and esteemed friend in a very significant moment for the city”.

Below some of the pieces of “Gastel on the road”.

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