Fashion&Food @mmfw2015, why not?

People passionate with fashion and food know that from the 2013, during the Milano Woman Fashion Weeks #MWFW, you can find a great culinary event called “Good Food in Good Fashion”.


This event is promoted by the Association Maestro Martino (project named by the creative renaissance chef of the Duchy of Milan) in collaboration with EXPO2015 and during these weeks you can find a series of aperitifs based on local products in the most prestigious 5-star hotels in Milan. The Event is open to the public and it costs around 20 Euro.

The goal is to promote food excellence of the area (in this case Lombardy) trying to enhance zero kilometers products, fresh and seasonal.

Chef Carlo Cracco is the responsible of this association and creating this successful event in 2013 and 2014 he was been able to mix in the perfect way fashion, food and business. Everything is ready for the edition of 2015.

The particularity of this event is that it takes place only during the MWFW, and nothing is organized for the Man Fashion Weeks.


If you have gone around Milan during the MMFW2015 trying to discover some food events or more easily if you have checked on internet for a great occasion to meet food and fashion, the only thing that you have found is probably the one promoted by FoodMood, but it wasn’t open to public, it was an high quality italian catering service (but however a CATERING service) and it was sponsored only by 4 brands, in this case: Escada, Costume National, Meissen Couture and Spring Up.

I don’t want to undervalue the FoodMood service or blame the Good Food in Good Fashion event for not being present in the MMFW, but I just want to say: and if it was another missed occasion for our italian business?

The international appointment with the news of prêt-à-porter for man, submitted by the most important maisons of Italian Fashion, held 17 to 20 January 2015, is in fact a manifestation that hosts every year about 100 fashion shows and presentations and accomodates 1000 Italian and foreign journalists and about 1000 buyers.

In addition I want to report some words of Mr Mario Boselli, the President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion:

“2014 has seen an increase in turnover of almost 4%. Exports increased by almost 5%. We have difficulty making predictions about 2015, because on one hand the money change has changed in such a short time seems very encouraging our exports, but the other side of some concern some markets, see Russia and South America, is giving it. Fortunately, America is absolutely good, for himself and for the dollar effect. I am optimistic. The forecasts give me an increase of 2%, but I hope better.”

So we can say that it is a growing business and a great occasion to meet italian food but specially with the imminent start of the EXPO 2015 maybe it could have been a great occasion to mix fashion with high quality italian food excellences.

Again, the only one who has tried to create a “food business” around the MMFW2015 has been Carlo Craccoand and in this occasion he hasn’t use the Association Maestro Martino, but the famous TV show Masterchef.


In the picture we can see one of the three judges of Masterchef with the stylist Tom Rebl that has hosted the challenge between the participants of the Tv program in the after catwalk party.

In this case the always smart Carlo Cracco has catched the occasion by himself but it is obvious that a Tv program like this is more focused on the pathos than in promoting excellence of italian food, as the journalist Federico De Cesare Viola told us in the class of this friday (30th of january).

Mr De Cesare Viola in fact told us about the inefficient way of italians to approach the global market of food. Italian people are sometimes not be able to use the power of made in Italy food and thinking that we are only three months far from the Expo 2015 it could have been done better and I am referring to the commitment of associations that should have in their interest the promotion of Italian food, starting from chefs, restaurants and big companies like Eataly and Slow Food.

In conclusion i want to share this hashtag analysis. I’ve said before that I don’t want to blame the Good Food in Good Fashion event, but we can see that this event results strictly connected with the Milan Fashion Week in general.

Schermata 2015-01-31 alle 14.12.46

If someone who knew this event, expecting to find it on all the fashion weeks, then ended up not find it during the MMFW? A missing occasion maybe.

Here in Italy we have everything to excell, so why don’t we take advantage of any opportunity?

Why not?


Francesco Grossi


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