What do I expect from this master?

“I’ve dreamed a dream”

That’s a pretty big question! Because the risk here is to sound over confident or too little pretentious. Anyway rest assured I will not take over the world or become president .
What is my aspiration in life? Certainly be happy, in the sense of getting a job that allow you a perfect balance between private life and work. Because you can get the best job in the world and do not have time for yourself. That’s not my ideal!
What about my dream job? I already know that during this master I will change my mind million of times but theoretically, because of course in practice it may be totally different, I started this experience with the idea of working in the merchandising for a fast fashion giant as far as corporate social responsibility is concerned.
Why in the fast fashion? Because it is and will continue to be a dynamic business model that is successful in the fashion industry and it is an excellent training school in order to move into other segments.
Why CSR? Because it is the near future! Finally fashion will completely make cool responsibility integrating it with aesthetics. In fact a beautiful product can also be responsible without losing appeal! This will be possible even in luxury.

Milan Fashion Week_Day 1 #highlights

February 25th is the date that stipulates the official start of Milan fashion week fall winter 2015-2016. 68 fashion shows, 76 presentations plus other events reaching the amounts of 151 collections. Mario Boselli, CNMI President is confident to be in a positive period that change for the better the forecasts and he thinks that the balance of this season trade surplus will reach 20 milion Euros. The collections will be presented in six days with a very organised and well structured schedule that intends retain all the press and buyers till the end of the week.


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#Next Generation awards Claudio Cutugno


Twenty-two years old, Sicilian, just graduated at IED and currently in internships at the Andrea Pompilio style office. His name is Claudio Cutugno and he is the new winner of the Next Generation. Yesterday evening the talented competition organized by the National Chamber of Fashion awarded his collection in the amazing location “Teatro di Piazza Vetra”, official headquarters of Milan Fashion Week.

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The experiential food

Luxury today does no longer mean owing expensive objects. Especially when it comes to fine food and travel, luxury means living incredible experiences. Customers don’t want to go to the restaurant only for the tasty food and the pleasing aesthetics anymore. They want their food to make explode their senses, to evocate special memories, to make them live an experience, even if eating is the thing we all do more often. Customers today are always more trained about healthy food, organic products, kilometer zero, seasonality, local, ethic, innovation and so on. Contemporary high cuisine reflects all these aspects. It wants to offer unicity, synestesia, identity, technique, experience and entertainment. Many times high cuisine’s chefs decide themselves what the clients will eat, offering predetermined menus. Continue reading “The experiential food”

Marco Bizzarri: a success case

Bizzarri Gucci

In my last post about Gucci, I wrote a little about Marco Bizzarri’s background and how important the executive’s role and decisions will be for the company’s success, especially in this period of radical changes.

When I see a powerful person, I am always curious about his/her background, in order to better understand the success. So this post is dedicated to Mr Bizzarri’s professional life.

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The Plein phenomenon

PHILIPP PLEIN SHOW - Runway - Milan Menswear Fashion Week Fall Winter 2015/2016

The fashion show I found most impressive during the Men’s Fashion Week SS 2015 in Milan? It was, without a doubt, Philipp Plein’s collection presentation, which was showcased at Alcione Theatre on January 17.

Far from being a simple presentation – the adjective “simple” can hardly describe Plein’s increasingly extravagant, aggressive style – the show was a spectacular performance.

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Is being “serious” the only way to be successful?

Does Brand DNA have to be serious to be successful?  Have you noticed how usually luxury brands use serious and almost shady approaches in communicating their brand DNA?

Let’s make a premise. Obviously we have to consider cross cultural advertising differences when communicating brand values and DNA. Basically, every culture has different approaches and preferences when it comes to communication and advertising. For example, in China color is very appreciated, whereas in Finland a more sober approach is appreciated; and again, in USA humor is more used, while in Europe we are still quite serious when advertising, even though we are opening up a bit more now.

Having said this, although the majority of people, especially in some cultures, thinks being “very serious” in communication (using few words, neutral colors etc.) means being a professional and reliable brand, some brands are using a countercurrent approach.

A great example of this is Benefit Cosmetics.


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What I Want to Be After This Course by Cvetelina Aleksandrova


A Master course in one of the most prestigious institutions in Italy, Il sole 24 Ore, is always an advantage. Attending the course, one could learn by various experts, professionals and self-employed. Theoretical and discoursive approaches are crucial for better comprehension and involvement in the topics. Homework is always present and helps working in teams.

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“Gastel on the road” in Via MonteNapoleone

From January 14 to 21, during Milan Fashion Week, Via MonteNapoleone host Gastel on the road, an exhibition that traces and celebrates the career of the fashion photographer in Milan.

The exhibition, organized by MonteNapoleone in collaboration with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion and curated by Alessandro Cocchieri, brings together 27 works they see portrayed male icons like Roberto Bolle, Germano Celant, Roberto D’Agostino, Francesco Scianna, Ettore Sottsass, a perfect catwalk at times glam and sometimes pop into the Milanese shopping street.

“The exhibition reveals the undisputed talent of the famous photographer who skillfully combines fashion and male world, portraying a gallery of eclectic men emphasizing style details. This exhibition inaugurates a full calendar of events MonteNapoleone wanted to organize for 2015 and for the period of EXPO, “said the President of MonteNapoleone Guglielmo Miani.

Words echoed those of President of CNMI Mario Boselli: “We are very pleased to have collaborated on this beautiful initiative of MonteNapoleone that pays due recognition to Giovanni Gastel, great artist and esteemed friend in a very significant moment for the city”.

Below some of the pieces of “Gastel on the road”.

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Fashion&Food @mmfw2015, why not?

People passionate with fashion and food know that from the 2013, during the Milano Woman Fashion Weeks #MWFW, you can find a great culinary event called “Good Food in Good Fashion”.


This event is promoted by the Association Maestro Martino (project named by the creative renaissance chef of the Duchy of Milan) in collaboration with EXPO2015 and during these weeks you can find a series of aperitifs based on local products in the most prestigious 5-star hotels in Milan. The Event is open to the public and it costs around 20 Euro.

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