Arte Fiera: the pleasure to be surrounded by beauty


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It is the triumph of the Arts, which pervades the whole city of Bologna. It is a celebration of beauty in modern and traditional art, which extends outside the fair space into the city, involving historical palaces, shops, cafés and wine bars in and around Bologna’s historic city centre. Arte Fiera celebrations will culminate in an all-night arts festival held on Saturday 24 January, the so called “white night event”, a marathon cultural evening of performances and happenings dedicated to contemporary art and artists.


Arte Fiera 2015 officially opened its doors on Thursday 22 January with the presence of Minister for Cultural Heritage Franceschini. It is hoped that this edition will help boost confidence in contemporary art – a branch which is constantly gaining ground in international markets – in Italy.

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This edition celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alberto Burri, a leading “Arte Povera” artist. Although a special section is devoted to him, Burri’s works are also exhibited in various art galleries, alongside those of other famous, modern Italian artists who are internationally recognized and praised.


Alongside expensive master works by world-renowned artists, accessible only to elite clientele, more affordable deals are also available. This year, in partnership with MIA Fair – Milan Image Art Fair – an important section of the exhibition is dedicated to photography. This highly appreciated form of visual art is presented in twenty-four galleries. A wide range of topics are covered including natural landscapes and the discovery of the body, and new, experimental techniques are introduced which allow artists to fully express their creativity.






The Solo Show section offers several monographic displays and introduces international artists such as the Japanese group “Gutai” while other galleries present the works of artists under 35 years of age and devote entire sections to the Middle East art scene.

The results of this four-day exhibition confirmed the optimism pervading Arte Fiera, which showed a markedly increased attendance both on the opening day and at the weekend. The success of the event was two-fold as there was a 10% increase in attendance and, more significantly, a 20% increase in sales, when compared to last year.



artefiera bologna 2014 1


artefiera bologna 2014 2

It is exciting to be surrounded by such beauty and works of art that exude powerful cultural values and historical experience. Owning works of arts and investing in them has become a status symbol regardless of whether you are actually an art lover.

What about those who cannot afford it? Well, they can still enjoy the privilege of admiring works of art displayed in art galleries and at exhibitions, if they manage to find the time. After all, isn’t having the time to devote to a passion the ultimate luxury?


Lavinia Pontello Strozzi

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