What is luxury for you?


It might sounds strange, but I think that to understand the deep meaning of luxury is more difficult than what people can expect.

I believe in fact that despite there are tens of milions of luxury customers across the world, just a small portion of them realize what is behind an absolute luxury product.

But luxury in my opinion is much more connected than what people generally think to the history and the people of a country, to the arts, to the architecture and the science.

To see a luxury good just as a wonderful and very expensive item to show off or to own just to be fashionable is pretty reducing.

To own an absolute luxury good it should be something to be deserved.

A real luxury customer is that one that can perceive the luxury as the result of a bind of elements and to be fully understood and not be seen just a series of beautiful objects, it requires a cultural background and a sophisticated taste.

Indeed generally behind the best luxury brands there are always stories made of people, places and events and these elements have deep rooths in a precise epoch, culture, history, traditions and perception of art and life of a country. This concept can be in part defined with the term of the so-called genius loci.

Therefore I can say that for me luxury products can be seen as a book where it is possible to read, to know and understand about a great story made of people, places, history and traditions.

But luxury it’s also about the way to live our time. It’s in fact the way to be able to spend time living any kind of unique and exclusive experiences, thanks to luxury level services.

However at the end of the day I think is crucial to do not forget that luxury is finally strictly interconnected to our own perception of life style and passions.


Mario Marcucci

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