What do you expect from this Master?

What I really expect is to find a job that over the time will allow me to be a kind of ambassador of some of the most exclusive brands of the Made in Italy. In fact in the past, for a period of my life, I thought I wanted to work in the Italian diplomacy in order to represent my country in the world.

Over the time I changed my idea on this career. Despite this change, I have always kept in my mind the willingness to represent a part of Italy to other countries, to show the beautiful things we have and we make.

I want to be a cultural and commercial bridge between Italy and other countries. In addition on the long term career perspectives I also want to give my support and take part to the creation and implementation of policies aimed to preserve and promote the value of the Made in Italy.

In fact I strongly believe that Made in Italy is a crucial element for the Italian economy, I refer for example to the impact on the domestic GDP and on the employment rate. But I also think that it plays an even more important role for the perception of Italy on the international scenario, for instance in the cultural and artistic fields.

Therefore I am attending this Master in order to acquire solid basis which I will need in order to pursue my career ambitions and to increase my personal awareness on my strong and weak points in this field.

Mario Marcucci


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