Gucci: Bye Bye Frida, Hello Alessandro!

Many were the brands that presented their collections at Milan’s fashion week in January 2015, however, among these, one of these brands was particularly interesting.

Gucci prItaly Fashion Gucciesented the first collection after the entrance of the new Art Director, Alessandro Michele. Mr. Michele has been with the group since 2002 as a Designer, but now has to fill Frida Giannini’s (big) shoes.

Regarding this important change in the Company, the first questions that come to our minds are: will Alessandro Michele keep the same style? will he be able to transmit coherence and the same brand image to clients and Gucci fans? Will he be able to keep the same image while turning the company into a fashion company?

Despite Mr. Michele’s official collection in the role of the Art Director will be presented at the women’s fall collection in February 2015, we can already start noticing some changes and start answering to these questions.  His touch was, as a matter of fact , noticeable in the collection presented during January 2015 fashion week, where new looks appeared, showing a thin line between male/female looks.  We can therefore probably expect to see it more and more as he continues and see how it might affect the image of the brand.

What is mostly surprising is that Mr. Michele created this collection in only 7 days. gucci-alessandro-michele

So who is Mr. Michele, Gucci’s superman of style?

A Designer from Rome, who has always been Frida Giannini’s “right arm” and has been nominated Creative Director of Gucci. Marco Bizzarri, Gucci’s CEO explained the reasons of this choice:  “un processo di selezione attento e ponderato. Alessandro Michele è stato scelto per ricoprire il ruolo di direttore creativo di Gucci sulla base della sua visione contemporanea del marchio, che ha saputo sviluppare nel corso degli anni e alla quale darà forma a partire da oggi”.  Basically Mr. Michele was chosen because of his contemporary vision of the brand and his loyalty to Gucci during the years.

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