Good vibes in the air for Milan men fashion week and the luxury fashion men

giorgio armani

The luxury fashion men despite the negative market juncture is recording a positive global growth. Retail focused on men is constantly increasing, both in seasonal and classic apparel.

On this segment in fact according to Euromonitor the global sale should reach by 2019 a total amount of 110 billions of euro compared to the 81 of 2014, which represents a growth of 36%. The data provided by Euromonitor confirms as well a negative trend on the internal market, while export towards external markets registers a positive signal, 4% of growth between 2010 and 2013.

On this global scenario the Milano Fashion Week menswear collections plays a strategic role, since it’s the main world stage for this segment. The edition 2015 A/W has shown a positive trend of this event. This result finds also its roots in some recents maneuvers made first on the Institutional level and second on the designers levels.

The first refers to the still recent appointment of Jane Reeve as CEO of Camera della Moda and the consequent renewal of the board of directors, showing in this way a new awarness about the approach to face the fashion shows sector, which becomes more and more crowded with international competitors. The second refers to the decision made in 2013 of Giorgio Armani to join La Camera della Moda, in order to give a clear signal of his commitment to give new strenght and energy to the Milan fashion week.

Another important signal in this direction, although related to the women’s fashion week, was given by Ennio Capasa, the creative director of Costume National. In fact, in 2013, he decided to bring back his fashion show in Milan after 23 years it was taking place in Paris, to give his own contribution in this delicate moment.

All these changes represent a willing and an awarness that it is necessary to react and transmit new energy to the Milan fashion week, in order to mantain and improve its role as one of the most influencial world leading fashion hub. Now that 2 years past after these changes, results start to comes up.

An additional good signal of an awakening of the Milano Fashion Week menswear collections, was represented by White, one of the international leader in contemporary fashion tradeshow, which according to Pambianco registered a growth of the 34% of buyers’ presence compared to 2014.

Among the foreigners buyers the majority was represented by Japanese, but also Chinese and Korean presence was remarkable. White has in fact reached this great result thanks also to a strategy focused on proposing a wider selections of brands (+20% compared to 2014, for a total amount of 180 brands) and to an increase of its exhibition area which included this year also the Ex Ansaldo area of via Tortona 54.

The positive trend of the presence of Japanese buyers during the fashion week was also confirmed by Mister Ferruccio Ferragamo during an interview released yesterday at Sole 24 Business School. An increasing presence of Japanese buyers it is indeed a very positive sympthom for the Milan fashion week, since they represent undoubtedly among the most sophisticated and demanding buyers/customers.

Now that the curtains of the stage have been closed it’s time to enjoy the applauses received but it is also the time to see these positive results achieved not as a destination, but rather as a starting point for the future.

Mario Marcucci


White ‘allargato’ funziona, +34% di buyer

White ‘allargato’ funziona, +34% di buyer

Picture:  Giorgio Armani men’s collection A/W 2015

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