Bespoke for him

Which European city, leader in the fashion industry, could have a street entirely dedicated to men? The answer is Milan, of course!



During “Milano Moda Uomo”, which actually started on January 17th, Milan has decided to consecrate one of its streets to men’s wear. Giuliano Pisapia, the mayor of Milan, together with Mario Boselli, chairman of the “National Chamber for Italian Fashion”, Gaetano Marzotto, chairman of “Pitti Immagine” and other important persons of the Italian fashion world, has inaugurated the street with the traditional ribbon cutting.


From now on Via del Gesù, the tiny street whose name comes from the ancient nunnery, nearby Montenapoleone street, one of the most famous and most renowned Italian fashion streets, will be also known as “Via dell’Uomo” (the men’s street) becoming the core of the Italian men fashion and lifestyle thanks to a specific association (“Via Gesù Society”) founded by the residents of the street and the operators of the sector.

But why this street? In Via del Gesù, we already find 6 luxurymen brands (Luciano Barbera, Brioni, Caruso, Kiton, Stefano Ricci and Zilli); 3 shoe artisans (Barrett, Doucal’s and Silvano Lattanzi); 2 prestigious tailor’s shops (Tindaro De Luca and Mariano Rubinacci) and a big and important maison as Versace. Moreover, we can also find 2 historical multibrands (Doriani and Tincati); a Neapolitan shirt maker (Barba); Acqua di Parma perfume shop and, finally, a vintage watch shop (Salvati).


Nothing is missed: here men, who generally speaking are less patient than women, who want everything immediately and who have not so much time to dedicate to purchases, will be able to do shopping in less than one hour and a half and… what an amazing one!

Ferrari Giulia,457371.html

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