Good question!
Almost all the people who know me well asked me the same question: Why did you decide to stay in Milan and doing a Master if you wanted to travel so badly?
Yes, I love travelling, that’ s because I chose to stay!

Living abroad, approaching new cultures and lifestyles: to be honest I feel home mostly when I am off to other countries. But this could be enough only if you are travelling during your holidays and not if you are searching for a good job and position! The more I looked for job opportunities abroad the more I understood how important is having more skills and competences to offer, and here the reason why I am here.
I applied for this Master because I feel like a rough stone, creativity is one of my strongest quality, I am interested in everything that involves innovation and imagination. But I still need (and definitely I want) to improve my managerial and economics skills because I want to have a whole vision of things and for me that’s the only way to achieve the best results.
I expect to learn deeply all the dynamics around this huge and difficult industry. Living a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle is maybe easy, but what it counts for me is understand all the processes until the final perfect product; because one prerogative of Luxury is getting as close as possible to perfection and to the whole satisfaction of customers.
I am not expecting to find the amazing job of my life soon after this master, i am only searching for the right path.
The road is long and hard to follow but it’s easier if you well know where you want to go and better where you don’t.
Federica Marconi Fornari

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