Fashion Week for dummies (a survival guide)

The title of this post seems to suggest that I am one of the lucky persons that lived the Fashion Week to the fullest, taking part in events, catwalks and parties.

Well, I am not.

This little guide is addressed to all those wannabe fashion queens that sadly realized that… well, they are not as cool as they thought. The worst part is the moment in which you find out that something very exciting is going on somewhere, but sorry, baby, you will not be part of it. You considered yourself the cheerleader captain, but you are in fact the geek girl of the school who did not get an invitation to the prom. taylor-swift-you-belong-with-me-music-video-taylor-swift-21519555-1248-704

Like in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, there is a hidden fantastic realm in the city, but you can not access, unless you have the key. The suggestion is: get over it. I know it can be frustrating, but there are many possibilities to look at this secret world from the keyhole. How? Well… internet, of course. Browsing in the net, it is possible to find articles, pictures, live streaming of the fashion shows, comments and discussions. Not as glamorous, I know, but it is a good starting point.

A situation that really made me feel miserable during the Fashion Week was taking the subway. I considered myself quite a tall girl, since I measure 1.70. Big mistake! During the Fashion Week, the subway was invaded by packs of ethereal, long legged, mysterious animals, the Models. Being surrounded by these creatures in a small space made me perfectly understand how Gulliver felt in the country of Giants. I mean… I could feel my neck hurt for the effort of looking up! The suggestion is: wear high heels, wherever you must go. I believe that this is the reason why people wear them in the fashion system. It is a survival technique.Christian-Louboutin-Nail-Lacquer

Since I am borrowing from literature, I will use another tale I love: “The Beauty and the Beast”. It may happen that, walking in the streets after a long working day, you see Him. The male model, so impossibly handsome, all dreamy eyes and glass-cutting cheekbones. And then, in a shop window, you see your reflection and you wish to disappear. No make up, messy hair… a disaster. Yes, he is the Beauty, you are the Beast. The suggestion here is: bring your make up bag, and check your face at least twice a day… or wear a blindfold. If you do not see, you will not get hurt.


Last but not least, how to survive the Cinderella experience? You have worked hard to get an invitation to a party, but unfortunately your godmother fairy is unavailable and there were no more crystal shoes in your favorite shop… in other words, you will not attend any designer’s party. The suggestion is: do not care! Call all your hipster friends, wear Converse, forget the make up, go out and have fun! Sometimes relaxing a bit is the right choice. And anyway, ripped jeans and sneakers can be a good alternative to the princess uniform.


This is how a I lived my first Fashion Week. And you know what? I felt great. If I will realize my ambitions and work in the luxury sector, it is possible that I will finally receive the so desired invitation. But I will always remember that I survived being the not-so-cool girl who only had a glance of this dreamy world.

Ilaria Diotallevi


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