EDMUND OOI: a new interesting talent or just a meteor?

As in the past years, Mr. Giorgio Armani decided to continue giving his support to young designers, like talented Stella Jean, Christian Pellizzari and Au jour le Jour in the past fashion weeks. This year the new talent that has been hosted at the Armani Theatre is the 27-years-old Edmund Ooi from Malaysia, enthusiast of having the opportunity of showing his talent and his collection on such an important catwalk.


I’ve had the chance to attend the fashion show, that left me surprised and a bit puzzled since the collection that was presented was characterized by a rupture with the classic style, and a research for a futuristic look, as if Ooi was trying to build a completely new men’s identity with geometrical prints, skirts for men, oversized coats and cotton dresses worn by efebic young models. In the end I appreciated it exactly because of its sense of “daring” and playing with fashion, but on the contrary it left some others so shocked that in the middle of the fashion show someone fromthe press rows shouted out “How boring!”.

Boring or not, let’s see if he will be able to exploit the possibility that Mr. Armani gives to a few selected ones, or if this young man born in Malaysia and currently living in Belgium will become just a memory of this Milan Fashion Week.

Good luck Edmund, the world is of the ones who choose to dare!

Giulia Laudani


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