ceresio1 Milan said goodbye to the Fashion Week 2015 Men’s edition with an exclusive party at Ceresio 7, the renowned concept “pool&restaurant” located on the rooftop of Dsquared2 Building. The closure cocktail party was organized to celebrate the great success reached worldwide thanks to the outstanding catwalks and the skills and creativity of the most famous stylists.    The promoters of the event were Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and Camera Italiana Buyer Moda in collaboration with Dean and Dan Caten (Dsquared2), Vogue Men Italy and GQ. The key words of the night were: Creativity, Innovation and Business and the strong relation among them, in fact the event was promoted just to highlight the link among these three terms as well as to point out the importance of Fashion segment for  Italian Economy and in particular for “Made in Italy”. Regarding that, Franca Sozzani stated: “Talent and Creativity are the strongest values for the development of our Business and they play a crucial role in the Fashion market“. Even more, as many interviewers declared: ” This event has been organized to promote the Creativity of our excellent fashion stylists who did their best and showed their skills in these days as we could have seen on the catwalks“. The main characters of the party  Dean and Dan Caten also said: “There’s no business without Creativity. They go hand in hand“. They chose Italy as the basis of their creativity and their business because they have always been aware of the high quality, uniqueness, values and craftsmanship of Made in Italy. They can be considered the symbol of Made in Italy abroad. twins-web-1343156340 It can sound strange but it’s a pure reality, two Canadians brothers chose Italy for their business. They have always defined themselves as “Born in Canada but Made in Italy”. Even if they grew up in Canada and so they feel totally Americans, they can’t forget their Italian origins. As many of us Know, Italy is their father’s hometown, the town of their childhood and they feel to belong in part to this world. Through theirs father telling they started discovering Italy that for them meant immediately”charm, style and haute couture”. So Dsquared2 can be considered a real Italian brand no matter if many people think it’s not like that just because of the nationality of their founders. The high-quality, the style, the textile, the uniqueness of their collection are totally made in Italy and it’s a warranty.                            a1df361a99f5ecfd1025a4effb14b5a9_orig Unknown-1 images Dalila Coppeta


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