Arianna Arcai: why am I here?

When I knew that I had been accepted to this Master I asked myself: what wiil I feel working for the most important companies in the world?
What can one feel working with excellence, with historical but always innovative brands?
Companies that every year are able to re-innovate their long lasting tradition, with perfect creativity and innovation. How much can be stimulating? I believe that there is something very special in the luxury market.
Unlike other products, luxury items are unique, exclusive, they have a creative process behind their production. They also have a precise distribution, in prestigious locations and limitated numbers.
The quality of the product is very high, as its price, so the brands have to communicate properly its exclusivity. They also have to welcome the customers perfectly, offering them a long lasting pleasant experience.
A brand that contributes to make Italy and the goods made in Italy known and loved all over the world.
I think that there is no such place like Italy, as far as fashion, food, art, urban architecture, design, geography, lifestyle and many other aspects.
I don’t know specifically what to expect for myself from the future, what my job will be.
However, I hope that I will be able to contribute, even if through small things, in making quality, passion, handmade, culture and other key aspects of our way of life strong levers for the economic recovery of the country.

Arianna Arcai


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