What does luxury mean?

Quality, uniqueness, excellence; timeless, desirable, impossible to have; creativity, innovation.
Yes, but not only.
Luxury is all these aspects and none of them.
Luxury is a kind of lifestyle, a unique way to feel yourself and an elegant way to carry yourself everyday.

However, what is its real meaning?
Certainly, there isn’t only one answer.
There has been a lot of changing about this concept in the last decades, from whatever poors could not afford, to becoming a status symbol and a socially oriented consumption.
We buy luxury items not only for ourselves, but also for the others.
However, one of the meanings of luxury has been said to be “ time “, having time to do the things we like and I agree with this definition.
Maybe in this historical moment this could be not correct, because there are plenty of people who have a lot of time to spend for themselves, having lost their jobs, and the definiton is kind of not appropriate.
Still I keep thinking that working people need time to dedicate to their real interests, no matter whether that requires much money or not.
The luxury industry anyway must be the receptor of these desires and interests, trying to get people in touch to things and events that, if only once in a lifetime, will give them a long lasting pleasure.
Luxury is offering an experience, is making an impalpable dream reality.


Arianna Arcai


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