The Luxury Riders: analysis about the perception of Made in Italy abroad

“The Luxury Riders” is the final result of our team research about Made in Italy perception abroad.

We decided to focus on italian motors through three different case histories: the ones we chose are Moto Guzzi for motorbikes, Riva for boats and Lamborghini for cars. We referred to many online sources, including official company websites, videos and testimonials in order to understand these companies in details, their history and how they are perceived. We went through some problems since we couldn’t find some statistics and there was some inconsistency in the data, due to lack of verified information but in the end we managed to have a general idea about how Made in Italy perception on motors is.

The main shared opinions about these companies and their products are positive: people love their uniqueness and exclusivity, their strong heritage that is reflected in the quality and personality of products, their advanced technology that provides the best experience for their customers, and their class and elegance that makes them so outstanding, special, famous and loved around the globe.

People also have a great desire for a high level of craftmanship and particular attention to details that are the main features of Made in Italy heritage and this is well achieved through these products, since they are prestigious and perceived as a status symbol.

Then the other important element to highlight is the customization aspect of this product: people are more interested in customization nowadays because it makes them feel special and close to the brand. Moreover, it gives them the option to customize the product that best suits their personality.

We discovered that these products are so well perceived that sometimes they are more popular abroad than in Italy, like Lamborghini and that’s the results of all the effort and hard work put in these products, which make them so special and creates a strong emotional impact.

Team members:

Fabiana Allinio, Fardin Ataie, Ilaria Diotallevi, Giulia Laudani, Linda Pittis

Here is our presentation in PDF Made in Italy.


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