Made in Italy

The Keys

Before starting our research, our strategy was to find the first three areas that represent better the concept of perception of “Made in Italy” abroad. Initially, we were convinced that the automotive segment had been in one of the three first places. Surprisingly, we found specific surveys that showed us the first positions:




Automotive was on the forth place.

We divided ourselves in couples in order to work more efficiently on each segment.

As we wanted to give more creative aspect to our work, we decided to make one video for each area, based on other videos that already existed on the web.

Fashion: this part is focused on the quality and the craftsmanship that always define the concept of “Made in Italy” linked to those brands that represent the real fashion luxury abroad. The video that was made shows how leather goods (shoes and bags) are created in the reality, from the raw materials to the final refined product. Style and quality are the key values for the Italian fashion luxury brands.

Food: this part was created and analysed by two foreign students whose perception was taken as an important data. Even if the video is linked to Italian stereotype, we decided to keep it anyway. According to our research, pasta, pizza and wine are the products strictly connected to “Made in Italy”. Italian food is linked to the Italian lifestyle: palatal pleasure and relaxed conviviality and sociability.


Furniture/Design: from the furniture research came out that 98% of the interviewed perceive Italy as the creadle of design and creativity and the most convinced about that are Japanese and Europeans. This sector has a perceived competitive advantage compared to the furniture and design of the rest of the world.

Aleksandrova Cvetelina

Fabbri Valentina Maria

Grossi Francesco

Marconi Fornari Federica

Nora Giulia

Sunmi Jin


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