Perception of Made in Italy in Japan and China

We decided to focus our research on the perception of Made in Italy in Japanese and Chinese markets since they are two of the  most important luxury markets. Our sources are structured interviews to Store Managers (Kiton and Bottega Veneta), several articles and websites.

At the beginning, we concentrated on Italian men suits and how their added value is perceived by Chinese men.

Then, we analyzed Kiton case: the company way of approaching the two markets in exam and how Chinese and Japanese relate themselves to the product.

In the end, we focused our insight on the elements which make the strength of Bottega Veneta among Japanese women.

As the result of our research, we noticed a main difference between Japanese and Chinese customers towards Made in Italy: the first ones are able to appreciate the heritage behind the product, whereas the second ones are more brand-driven.

Made in Italy-MAINLUX

Written by MAINLUX Group:

Bussi Marta, Cantamessa Catarine, Ferrari Giulia, Marcucci Mario, Reali Bianca Maria

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