Master in Luxury Management: what do I expect from it?

Life is just like a big “business plan” because in order to achieve your long-term goals you have to make precise plans, follow them and walk on the right path that leads to your goals. This is true both for life in general but in this moment of my life it is also important for work, since at a certain point of our life we are supposed to understand our true vocation.   However, for sure in life it’s not just about making money on the way like in a company business plan so very often it is not easy to understand exactly what’s our real goal and consequently it is not easy to make precise plans, we should just walk on the path and struggle to understand our true passions, our nature, and our attitude to clear our ideas and finally figure out what we really want to do and what we want to become. In this period of my life I’m feeling exactly like this, I know I’m walking on the right path, picking up all the evidences along the way with a positive attitude in order to discover the solution, even though I don’t have a clear image of myself in 5 or 10 years yet. This is basically what I expect from this master: a broad knowledge about all the topics we are gonna take into consideration, also developed with individual concern and made deeper with personal interest and hard study. I know that in the end all the lessons and all the information provided will have produced some “wealth”, that is personal knowledge, and exactly like in a business plan it will be my task to invest it in the most suitable and smart way, using all the right skills I adquired during this experience to produce the best results.


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