What does Luxury mean?

Luxury is… It’s not so easy to give a precise and unique meaning to this particular term. To me Luxury has many and absolutely various meanings. I have two different ideas of what luxury really is, one more superficial and the other more personal and stronger. Personally speaking Luxury is “living surrounded by people who love you”…



Luxury is having a family, a partner, a best friend, a grandma, a grandpa but also a satisfying  job who enrich your life only being part of it. That’s the cheapest, purest and at the same time the richest treasure of life.

On the other side, “superficially” speaking I define Luxury with three adjectives: happiness, gratification and uniqueness.
If I bought a terribly expensive bag (I love bags) or I lived an incredible experience in an extra-luxury hotel built on a desert Island made of golden materials I would feel happy, gratified and unique at the moment. In this way, Luxury is doing and buying whatever you want and going wherever you desire to go without thinking about money.

images-1                                                 un-hotel-di-lusso-in-grecia-the-tsitouras-collection

Dalila Coppeta


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