Luxury is perfection. It’s something that you don’t need to ask for additional functions for.

It’s precision and purity.  It’s a watch whose complications tell you something the rest of the people ignore.
It’s a flawless dress, or whatever creation that encloses beauty and virtue.



Luxury is comfort, it’s an experience that makes you feel completely gratified and increases your self-esteem: you do it because you deserve it and you deserve it because you are worthy.


Luxury is a noble  shift, it’s a high floor from which you look at the world and live your life.




photo credits: http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/introducing-the-patek-philippe-sky-moon-tourbillon-6002g;  http://dellacooks.com/luxury-mansion-in-hollywood-oriole-way-by-mcclean-design/cozy-timber-deck-terrace-with-modern-outdoor-furniture-and-glass-railing-also-beautiful-downtown-los-.


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