What does LUXURY mean?

Shangri-La Hotel _ Paris

Luxury, luxury, luxury, one word, thousand definitions.

Considering that one right definition doesn’t exist, I think the best definition is the one filtered by our personal perception. For me for instance the concept of luxury is strictly connected to another word: comfort which is also linked to an inner state of mind that is feeling comfortable.
We all experienced, while travelling by air, the Economy Class. We all tried to sleep during a nine hours (or more) intercontinental flight squeezed like a tube of toothpast into tiny seats, listening to an orchestra of synchronized crying children while tasting am exquisite selection of freshly microwaved foods!

I don’t know you but, as far as i am concerned every single time this happens to me I stop reflecting on how different is to travel in the comfort of the Business class, where you can enjoy the journey starting from the flight. For me that’s luxury!

When we spend money on very material things, even very expensive and exclusive, it can happen that after the first excitement of the moment, later, we get bored and we look for something else, something new: so things in general, even high-quality-high fashion-high-whatever they loose their appeal on us after a while. Of travelling in the comfort of Business Class for sure you will never, ever get bored, you will never feel the desire to go back to Economy and give it a second chance.


Of course, comfort is not only flying Business: is the world around the possibility to afford Business Class. Yes because once you get to your destination another facet of a “comfortable” lifestyle could be letting someone picking you baggage and go straight to your Hotel.

Hotels and Resorts are the quintessence of comfort and I’ve  always been fascinated by them: the idea of being far from home and at the same time feeling a familiar atmosphere. I am not the biggest fan of huge Hotels, I prefer the so called “boutique hotel” better: they are intimate, elegant and exclusive even because of the few number of rooms.

“When you get into a Hotel room, you lock the door, and you know there is a secrecy, there is a luxury, there is fantasy. There is comfort.There is reassurance.”
Diane Von Furstenberg
Luxury is always an experience and the direct intangible consequence of this experience is feeling (physically and mentally) comfortable. But it doesn’t mean that the more you will spend the better you will feel.

Feeling comfortable and feeling good is not only and always related to the amount of money spent: it depends on our way of attribute value to things.

Federica Marconi Fornari
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