my expectations

I firmly believe that reaching a goal depends on us. Faber est suae quisque fortunae, everyone is the builder of his destiny.

Of course, some specific conditions can really help us, as long as we put all our efforts in exploiting the situation and catching the opportunities they might provide us.

When I started this master, I saw an enormous amount of exciting opportunities, the possibility to deeply study a subject that fascinates me, but I was and I am always aware of the fact that everything is up to me.

I do not expect this master to be the ‘magic wand’ that will open me the doors of a magnific career and of everything I desire. I am a bit grown up to believe in fairytales! What I really expect, is achieving the tools to open the doors by myself, to strengthen my previous skills and develop the new ones. In one word, I expect this master to make me a true professional.

This is why I am putting all the possible commitment in what I am doing. I am living this experience as a wonderful challenge and I am sure that, if I work hard, I will succeed.

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