What does luxury mean?


Excellence, high quality, craftmanship, creativity, exclusivity, uniqueness. This is what luxury is for me.

Some years ago, if someone had asked me to define the concept of luxury my answer would have probably been different. I used to associate luxury to expensive, desirable though not necessarily essential items.

And now?

I still consider luxury something sometimes exaggerated and responding to dreams and desires but I am also aware that it is a much wider concept. I associate luxury goods with beautiful objects, which are refined but discreet rather than ostentatious. I would like luxury goods to be associated to the idea of originality and custom-made design, items and objects that are the result of creativity, research into consumers’ needs and desires, originality, innovation and high quality.

Luxury has become closely intertwined to art: luxury goods are not merely objects but they are something that you can actually “feel”. Luxury is an experience. It is not just a jewel, a dress, a car or a yacht but it is also the emotions these objects can convey.

For example, what is wearing a long, embroidered and refined dress for me? It is much more than wearing a simple item of clothing. It is an unique experience which immediately makes me feel like a princess.


Time is also luxury: time to spend holidays with family, time to go out with friends, time to cultivate your own passion, time to go shopping and enjoying the service and comfort offered by the store. Doing what you want (without infringing law!!!) when you want.


This is luxury for me, either excessive or understated but, in any case, luxury.

Lavinia Pontello Strozzi


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