Luxury & Master Expectations

What is Luxury for me:

If someone asked me “What is luxury for you?” probably my first though in my mind would be that luxury is something exclusive, not accessible for everyone and something only for people with no limitations in terms of $$$.

But if I imagine to delete the economic side from my thoughts just for one second I can answer the question in this way: for me luxury is all about lifestyle. You can do everything you want and share it, if you want, with who is really important for you.

I think also that Luxury is something strictly connected with happiness because luxury itself could be the best way to satisfy a desire.

Taste some particular food in some top restaurants of NY, visit a wonderful caribbean place with your girlfriend, enjoy your amazing outfit during an exclusive party with your friends or sometimes, simply relax yourself without any problem in your mind: this is luxury for me.

My expectations about the Master:

During the months between the end of my University path and the beginning of the Master I’ve had some experiences with work interviews and the most important thing that I’ve learned is this: you can not hope to be hired by a company if you don’t have specialized skills.

Once I’ve realized the problem, I decided to attend this master in order to focus my skills in the field of luxury and my biggest expectation is obviously to strengthen my training path and to develop skills and capacities, learning to face in a winning and prepared way the problems that daily arise in a working environment.

Italian Universities doesn’t help students to understand that a job requires much more than theoretical preparation.

I want to improve my knowledge with practical lessons about real examples of problem solving, case studies and talks by experts.

I’m also aware that in order to excel in that field is necessary to have an international profile then I hope even to improve my english.

At last, my final expectation from this Master is to take advantage from the great relationship network of Il Sole24Ore in order to be able to test myself in a strong working place.


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