After obtaining my degree in June, I felt like I wasn’t totally ready to jump in the working world, so I thought how to get closer to this reality. I decided to attend this study program after reading the informative folder and after seeing that it was embracing different areas in the luxury sector.


I have been studying fashion styling before, in my background i have always been more keen on the artistic and creative part of fashion but I’ve understood that having a more economic and managerial knowledge about the topic could be useful for the future.

Even though fashion is my biggest interest, during this Master I’ll have the chance to improve or maybe is better to say starting from scratch my knowledge about other luxury sectors.

I’m not really sure about the position I wanna cover in the working world but i hope that at the end of this course i’ll make my cultural baggage wider in order to have a complete vision of all the possibilities and chances I’ll run up against.

Andrea Prato

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