What does luxury mean?

Simplicity in lust for life

If you google the world luxury so many definitions will come out and one can notice how different they are. For that reason I decided not to cheat by mixing some of them but just giving my own personal “definition” of what luxury means.
My vision is very unusual (kind of romantic =) because it is closer to the concept of simplicity. Simplicity interpreted as  back to basics, to the craft traditions of a country.

My idea of luxury products (so tangible) is oriented towards complete product craftsmanship at the workshops rather than at large fashion “maisons”. I’m not saying that a Birkin bag by Hermes is not a luxury product, but I think that the highest level of experience can be easily found going to the best specialized- leather craftsman. Thanks to his talent he can make a unique and unrepeatable work as occurs in arts. In this way, a leather bag would acquire a deeper meaning that goes beyond the tangible value of the product and one adds a special feeling. You may design your bag, be present at each working stage and then receive your unique creation.

The most interesting part of luxury concerns services. Here we have prestigious situations related to special experiences: such as a dinner in space or maybe something “un petit peu” more affordable =) like a night spent at the best suit of George V hotel in Paris. For me this is not the most fascinating point of view. In fact during our day-to-day routines we look for some little attentions and cuddles: such as special treatments or wonderful customer services that give us importance and make us feel unique. For instance when I go to breakfast at the coffee shop down in the street I’m not just having breakfast but they spoil me. They serve me a latte macchiato completely organic with some kamut biscuits.     I should not even talk! 🙂 This is because they know my tastes and my weird obsession on everything that is organic ahah LOL. That’s simple luxury!

The concept of luxury is obviously still tied to top level experiences but also to little things that enrich the everyday life.

Valerio Cataldo

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