What is Luxury (personal opinion)

Luxury is something really difficult to define and describe in a very few words..uniqness, exclusivity, elitism, ostentation, gratification, appearance are probably some of the main adjectives that we could use and that. at the same time, can give just a brief idea of this “sparkling” yet attractive world.

By the way, since I started the Master at the end of November, I’ve been gradually changing my personal idea towards this universe: although i do believe that Luxuryness is not at all opulence (intended in a voulgar meaning), at the same time I recognize and accept different sides and point of views of this wide universe.

Luxury is a business in which you smartly sell a dream, but always remains a business: we must not forget this tough reality otherwise the “magic” will suddenly disappear. It’s fundamental to have in mind the right positioning of the brand (industry) in the market in order to guarantee a successful development, a strong brand awareness and a very well-known and loved history.

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