What do I expect from this Master

After an extensive and accurate research of possible schools (both in Italy and abroad) suitable for this purpose, I have come to the conclusion that the full-time Master programme in “ International Luxury Management” promoted by Sole 24ore is the best opportunity on the market due to the richness of its content and the experiences it can provide.

From my brief experiences I already feel part of this particular world and I believe that I do possess the required qualities to be an optimal candidate but a the same time I strongly desire to improve myself and put myself to the test, to pursue new challenges and always be ready to learn new skills and gain knowledge.

I am enchanted by the luxury charm as a customer: this is the main reason why I also wish to learn to play the dream in order to catch the attention of a large and potential target audience. 

Beyond all, the luxury world, must first put in place the “leadership of differentiation”, in order to have a competitive advantage that has a value for this segment of the market so you can get a premium price. 

It‘s absolutely necessary that the customer perceives to be a privileged possessing something rare and special that others do not have the good fortune to have.

Different aspects that i would like to learn with the help of the lessons and mostly with workshops; practical experience is above all the main core; in addition to be really part of this world you really need to be aware of every single detail and I’m here, ready to accept the challenge!


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