What is Luxury?

Luxury is not easy to define. today we can meet people who wear any kind of luxury symbol without “looking” luxury. Maybe they will just look rich. It is not about price, of course true luxury is affordable for just a small percentage of people, but to me luxury is more a state of mind. It involves exclusiveness, nearly uniqueness and these assets are not something that can be bought, they are more like a feeling, a lifestyle.

True luxury can start from the beautifully lace-embroidered tailor made dress with unique techniques, or it can be the amazing experience that a 5 stars luxury resort/hotel can make you live. Imagine the totally handmade 50 meters yacht for which its owner waits at least a couple of years, or being on the waiting list for a baby crocodile Hermes bag, or making a reservation in the 3 Michelin stars restaurant 12 months before because other ways there is no chance to taste it…

All of this is luxury to me, and it cannot just be bought by simply paying, it involves a whole waiting process which increases the desire and adds value to the luxury item or to the experience.

Nicole Petitti


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