What is luxury to your eyes?

I’ve always been fascinated by beauty of what surrounds me, even what you wouldn’t say is beautiful, what captures my eye, what arises my emotions and stimulates senses and as a consequence I’ve always loved every form of art. In my opinion true Luxury is a mixture of all this: something that captures your eye, make you feel strong emotions, stimulates your senses and provides you something unforgettable, that can go from buying a bag to enjoying a beautiful sunset with a glass of expensive champagne at the top of the Burj Khalifa or in a private bungalow at the Maldives. I know, it looks like I’m talking about love, and maybe it is for this reason that so many people love luxury so much and live their lives constantly seeking it, because it gives the same sensations but without the painful part.

Luxury to me is also linked to perfection of shapes, top quality of materials and manufacturing, exclusivity and whatever make you feel unique and cuddled. Luxury is generally connected to money and whealth but it is not always the rule: something can be very expensive but not luxurious or even beutiful. In my opinion today there’s the widespread idea that the more expensive something is, the more luxurious it is. Actually, this is not true and it is due to the increasing whealth that some countries are experiencing and to the fact that the audience has been changing and most of it doesn’t have the proper knowledge about what true quality and craftmanship are. As a consequence most of them wrongly think that opulence and show off are essential elements of luxury.

However, this concept is not that easy to define and explain because to me it is basically an attitude, a state of mind of the single individual and can be very personal, linked to the context in which one lives, the personality, the lifestyle and even the natural curiosity or true appreciation of beauty of an individual that can not be summed up in a few lines, nor contained in a credit card.


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