My expectations from this master

After graduating in Business & Management in 2013 I have had work experience in various fields and I felt that I needed to continue with my education in order to fill some gaps and enrich my CV.

After taking in consideration various master programs in business and management I started thinking of where I wanted to go, professionally, in my life and for this reason I started searching for masters linked with the luxury fashion industry and the gastronomic field, which are my two biggest interests and passions. 

I have already been in contact with the luxury field by working in multinational fashion brands (Groupe Zannier and Burberry) and I can say I already had some knowledge and work experience as a basis for this master. A further strong motivation for applying to this master was my last job, in a start-up business in the jewelry industry. l felt I really need to enlarge my education in this particular field in order to be more prepared for the future. I strongly  believe that our country has so much to offer, the Made in Italy is a worldwide recognized quality sign and my goal is to learn how to communicate this idea and use it in the right way, in whatever field I will be working into.

One of my weaknesses is that I easily lack of motivation when I dedicate myself to something I don’t really like. For this reason I chose to apply for this master program, because I strongly want to take this direction in my life and I am studying something I actually really want to learn.

I expect this master to give me the best knowledge I need about the key sectors of the luxury business and to clear my ideas about what is the right path for me to follow.


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