Arte Fiera: the pleasure to be surrounded by beauty


Schermata 2015-01-28 a 13.11.28

It is the triumph of the Arts, which pervades the whole city of Bologna. It is a celebration of beauty in modern and traditional art, which extends outside the fair space into the city, involving historical palaces, shops, cafés and wine bars in and around Bologna’s historic city centre. Arte Fiera celebrations will culminate in an all-night arts festival held on Saturday 24 January, the so called “white night event”, a marathon cultural evening of performances and happenings dedicated to contemporary art and artists.


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Good vibes in the air for Milan men fashion week and the luxury fashion men

giorgio armani

The luxury fashion men despite the negative market juncture is recording a positive global growth. Retail focused on men is constantly increasing, both in seasonal and classic apparel.

On this segment in fact according to Euromonitor the global sale should reach by 2019 a total amount of 110 billions of euro compared to the 81 of 2014, which represents a growth of 36%. The data provided by Euromonitor confirms as well a negative trend on the internal market, while export towards external markets registers a positive signal, 4% of growth between 2010 and 2013.

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Gucci: Bye Bye Frida, Hello Alessandro!

Many were the brands that presented their collections at Milan’s fashion week in January 2015, however, among these, one of these brands was particularly interesting.

Gucci prItaly Fashion Gucciesented the first collection after the entrance of the new Art Director, Alessandro Michele. Mr. Michele has been with the group since 2002 as a Designer, but now has to fill Frida Giannini’s (big) shoes.

Regarding this important change in the Company, the first questions that come to our minds are: will Alessandro Michele keep the same style? will he be able to transmit coherence and the same brand image to clients and Gucci fans? Will he be able to keep the same image while turning the company into a fashion company?

Despite Mr. Michele’s official collection in the role of the Art Director will be presented at the women’s fall collection in February 2015, we can already start noticing some changes and start answering to these questions.  His touch was, as a matter of fact , noticeable in the collection presented during January 2015 fashion week, where new looks appeared, showing a thin line between male/female looks.  We can therefore probably expect to see it more and more as he continues and see how it might affect the image of the brand.

What is mostly surprising is that Mr. Michele created this collection in only 7 days. gucci-alessandro-michele

So who is Mr. Michele, Gucci’s superman of style?

A Designer from Rome, who has always been Frida Giannini’s “right arm” and has been nominated Creative Director of Gucci. Marco Bizzarri, Gucci’s CEO explained the reasons of this choice:  “un processo di selezione attento e ponderato. Alessandro Michele è stato scelto per ricoprire il ruolo di direttore creativo di Gucci sulla base della sua visione contemporanea del marchio, che ha saputo sviluppare nel corso degli anni e alla quale darà forma a partire da oggi”.  Basically Mr. Michele was chosen because of his contemporary vision of the brand and his loyalty to Gucci during the years.

Grazie Mr. Armani


It surely is a very good opportunity for young talents: Giorgio Armani is giving a chance to some talented designers to show their collections at the Armani/Teatro.
Stella Jean, Andrea Pompilio, Julian Zigerli are just some of the names presented in Bergognone street during the past fashion weeks.
This year, during the men fashion week in Milano, was Edmund Ooi’s moment.

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Has Gucci case found a solution?

It’s official! It has finally been released the name of the new Gucci creative director. It is Alessandro Michele, forty years old, from Rome, former designer of Richard Ginori, company belonging to Pinault’s Kering Group, in Gucci since 2002 and right-hand men of, by this time, Gucci’s former creative director Frida Giannini. gucci_784x0

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EDMUND OOI: a new interesting talent or just a meteor?

As in the past years, Mr. Giorgio Armani decided to continue giving his support to young designers, like talented Stella Jean, Christian Pellizzari and Au jour le Jour in the past fashion weeks. This year the new talent that has been hosted at the Armani Theatre is the 27-years-old Edmund Ooi from Malaysia, enthusiast of having the opportunity of showing his talent and his collection on such an important catwalk.


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The Fashion-Tech alliance: marketing opportunity or change of industry structure?

As the 2015 Men’s Winter Fashion week draws to a close, we are granted a look at many brands finding themselves at a turning point in their history.
The meeting of two vastly different sectors such as technology providers and luxury players might result in unprecedented shifts in terms of customer base and business models . Probabilities are high that the Apple Watch, functioning as an all in one device integrating keys and payment facility, will  soon replace traditional accessory categories such as keychains and wallets for leather goods producers.

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Gucci in a new challenge

Milano Moda Uomo has just finished last week and in fashion news Gucci appears in highlight. First, the one week collection. The former Creative Director Frida Giannini was replaced -not officially yet- by Alessandro Michele and this latter had to show why he deserves this job creating a collection for the fashion event in one week. Challenge accepted and concluded with cool pieces (Gucci full show Autumn Winter 2015/2016 bellow). Continue reading “Gucci in a new challenge”


ceresio1 Milan said goodbye to the Fashion Week 2015 Men’s edition with an exclusive party at Ceresio 7, the renowned concept “pool&restaurant” located on the rooftop of Dsquared2 Building. The closure cocktail party was organized to celebrate the great success reached worldwide thanks to the outstanding catwalks and the skills and creativity of the most famous stylists.     Continue reading “CLOSURE PARTY AT CERESIO 7”



I want to dedicate this post to the brand which opened the Milan’s men fashion week, Dsquared. The brand celebrated its 20 years anniversary with an amazing show-party in the Hangar Bicocca contemporary art gallery. The two Canadian twins, Dean and Dan Caten, who founded in 1995 one of the coolest and stylish brands in the fashion industry, were able to grow really fast and smart, making their brand image stronger through the years.
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Made in Italy

The Keys

Before starting our research, our strategy was to find the first three areas that represent better the concept of perception of “Made in Italy” abroad. Initially, we were convinced that the automotive segment had been in one of the three first places. Surprisingly, we found specific surveys that showed us the first positions:




Automotive was on the forth place.

We divided ourselves in couples in order to work more efficiently on each segment.

As we wanted to give more creative aspect to our work, we decided to make one video for each area, based on other videos that already existed on the web.

Fashion: this part is focused on the quality and the craftsmanship that always define the concept of “Made in Italy” linked to those brands that represent the real fashion luxury abroad. The video that was made shows how leather goods (shoes and bags) are created in the reality, from the raw materials to the final refined product. Style and quality are the key values for the Italian fashion luxury brands.

Food: this part was created and analysed by two foreign students whose perception was taken as an important data. Even if the video is linked to Italian stereotype, we decided to keep it anyway. According to our research, pasta, pizza and wine are the products strictly connected to “Made in Italy”. Italian food is linked to the Italian lifestyle: palatal pleasure and relaxed conviviality and sociability.


Furniture/Design: from the furniture research came out that 98% of the interviewed perceive Italy as the creadle of design and creativity and the most convinced about that are Japanese and Europeans. This sector has a perceived competitive advantage compared to the furniture and design of the rest of the world.

Aleksandrova Cvetelina

Fabbri Valentina Maria

Grossi Francesco

Marconi Fornari Federica

Nora Giulia

Sunmi Jin

The Luxury Riders: analysis about the perception of Made in Italy abroad

“The Luxury Riders” is the final result of our team research about Made in Italy perception abroad.

We decided to focus on italian motors through three different case histories: the ones we chose are Moto Guzzi for motorbikes, Riva for boats and Lamborghini for cars. We referred to many online sources, including official company websites, videos and testimonials in order to understand these companies in details, their history and how they are perceived. We went through some problems since we couldn’t find some statistics and there was some inconsistency in the data, due to lack of verified information but in the end we managed to have a general idea about how Made in Italy perception on motors is.

The main shared opinions about these companies and their products are positive: people love their uniqueness and exclusivity, their strong heritage that is reflected in the quality and personality of products, their advanced technology that provides the best experience for their customers, and their class and elegance that makes them so outstanding, special, famous and loved around the globe.

People also have a great desire for a high level of craftmanship and particular attention to details that are the main features of Made in Italy heritage and this is well achieved through these products, since they are prestigious and perceived as a status symbol.

Then the other important element to highlight is the customization aspect of this product: people are more interested in customization nowadays because it makes them feel special and close to the brand. Moreover, it gives them the option to customize the product that best suits their personality.

We discovered that these products are so well perceived that sometimes they are more popular abroad than in Italy, like Lamborghini and that’s the results of all the effort and hard work put in these products, which make them so special and creates a strong emotional impact.

Team members:

Fabiana Allinio, Fardin Ataie, Ilaria Diotallevi, Giulia Laudani, Linda Pittis

Here is our presentation in PDF Made in Italy.

Perception of Made in Italy in Japan and China

We decided to focus our research on the perception of Made in Italy in Japanese and Chinese markets since they are two of the  most important luxury markets. Our sources are structured interviews to Store Managers (Kiton and Bottega Veneta), several articles and websites.

At the beginning, we concentrated on Italian men suits and how their added value is perceived by Chinese men.

Then, we analyzed Kiton case: the company way of approaching the two markets in exam and how Chinese and Japanese relate themselves to the product.

In the end, we focused our insight on the elements which make the strength of Bottega Veneta among Japanese women.

As the result of our research, we noticed a main difference between Japanese and Chinese customers towards Made in Italy: the first ones are able to appreciate the heritage behind the product, whereas the second ones are more brand-driven.

Made in Italy-MAINLUX

Written by MAINLUX Group:

Bussi Marta, Cantamessa Catarine, Ferrari Giulia, Marcucci Mario, Reali Bianca Maria