Quality, exclusivity, perfection, elegance, experience, comfort, then going through feelings, time, good moments… Watches, jewellery, cars, yatches, hotels, spas, events, white alba trufle – US$ 160 thousand for 1,5 kg-, or all. Those are some words that define luxury.

Vacation post

I have to confess that I agree with all those, because for me luxury, at the end of the day is personal. It is quite hard to find a definition of the word that fits from Bill Gates and Warren Buffet – the world’s billionaires according Forbes- to me, for example.

The only common feature that I can find, is the luxury ability of being inaccessible, because in other words what you can have every day is routine, not luxury, and you always want to have more!

In this context, luxury is also something that you wonder, dream and feel good in realizing, it can be an Hèrmes bag, a Ferrari car, a big mansion, some elegant experiences or just a dolce far niente week.

dolce far niente

Catarine C.


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