Made in Italy: Italian Leather Industry

Our group Luxury 365 team composition: Dalila Coppeta, Nicole Petitti, Andrea Prato, Ludovica Quagliato, Daniel Shavit. Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 17.02.16 Link to our presentation: Leather Presentation PDF We decided to focus our work on the place and perception of Italy’s leather market. Findings from our research have shown that the Italian leather market is the global leader showcasing high growth of production and exports. Both consumers  and producers associate Italian leather with quality, authenticity and craftsmanship.  The industry has resisted outsourcing and boomed thanks to emphasis on production of high added-value goods. Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 17.02.38 We then took on the case of Bottega Veneta.  This Italian success story was born out of the integration of excellent product development and communication and visionary management.  The company foresaw the rise of Asia and already conducts a majority of its sales in the region.  As a testimony of its success,until recently CEO, Marco Bizzari was named head of Gucci. Bottega Veneta is an outstanding example of the Italian leather excellence and high quality.

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