sunmi Jin

I finished my study (MBA) in USA and in Estonia studying on a Master degree in h
ospitality Management. I have worked in Hyundai as a manager and  hotel as an Executive assistant manager. Prior to my Master’s degree I undertook a BS degree in  Korea. Part of the time I spent in China and Australia on various programs of studies.I have throughout my study and work been exposed to different universities and cultures, Europe, America and Asia. Which is able to me to understand diverse cultures and experiences.

I have  a passion to succeed. Having said that I am also a team player and recognize the importance of doing things within a group, I accept that there are different cultures and values in the world, that there are many right ways to achieve an objective and goal and that listening to other views and opinions is a most important human quality.                   In addition to my academic life, I enjoy a good social life, have a variety of interests and hobbies and have traveled extensively in the world. To a large extent I consider myself as a citizen of the world and find meeting people from different cultures stimulating and enjoyable. I’ve noticed the differences between cultures however what is more prevalent and obvious to me are the similarities and values all humans have irrespective of their cultures. People fascinate me in general .


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