Mario Marcucci


“Anassimandro di Mileto, discepolo di Talete, per primo ardì disegnare su una carta la terra abitata: dopo di lui Ecateo di Mileto, viaggiatore instancabile, la perfezionò sì da farne un’opera mirabile.”

Eratostene di Cirene

I believe only through the passion for the discovery and the willingness to know and understand we can take awareness of ourselves as individuals and as human kind.

I am nomad for choice and for destiny.

I was born in Cagliari and there is a beautiful port.

I research constantly the surprise of the discovery, the pleasure to comunicate with who lives in realities different from mine. Since very young I was dazzled by Ulysse’s adventures, I admired his way to be a pioneer, to overpass the adversities, to discover other realities, to leave the safe port of his home town to reach the unknown.

I am in Milan, there is no port but this is the city where I live now and from where I will start a new adventure which I believe one day will lead me to speak to people of different countries about our Italian products, their history, their value and doing so letting them know about my country .

“Né dolcezza di figlio, né la pieta del vecchio padre, né ‘l debito amore lo qual dovea Penelopè far lieta,

vincer potero dentro a me l’ardore ch’i’ ebbi a divenir del mondo esperto e de li vizi umani e del valore.”

Dante – Divina Commedia, Inferno



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