Arianna Arcai


I was born 23 years ago, in Brescia, where I have lived since I started to attend my college classes, here in Milan.
I have achieved my degree last July, in Economics and Management in Cultural Heritage and Entertainment.
During the past two years I have also worked as a waitress, only in the evenings, in order to be more economically independent.
When I was seventeen, I spent one year living in the United States.
I wanted to try something new, to interact with a new culture, and to see my ability to take care of myself.
If I have to describe who I am, I would say that I am a very friendly person, I am happy most of the times, I am curious, I strongly believe in karma and I give very importance to the people I share my life with.
I prefer to have few friends, but being sure that I can really trust them.
I am conscious that truth in life is that we are alone, so I have learned how to be happy just with myself.
I believe that we have to enjoy our life as much as we can, living the moment, taking risks and making decisions.
How could I be in a working environment?
I am organized, precise and enthusiastic.
I am able to manage time well and meet my objectives effectively.
I know how to focus on the essential and get the job done with a smile.
I have chosen this master with the hope to find a good job in the future.
It will help me improving my english, my skills and my knowledge.
This course combines economics aspects with creative ones, study with workshops, teamwork with self work.
And I believe that everything matters.
I am trying and will try to learn as much as I can, I will give my best and always remember these months at Sole 24 ore.




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