Nicole Petitti



My name is Nicole Petitti, 23 years old, I am half Italian and half Russian. I was born in Rome, but grew up in Milan where I studied at the American School and then went to Bocconi University and graduated in Economics & Management of arts, culture and communication.

After getting my bachelor degree I moved to Barcelona where i spent the past 2 years. While there, I learned spanish and started working in a fashion multinational company. After this amazing experience I saw the chance to go back to Italy and start working in an emerging start up jewelry brand in Milan. It was inspiring and at the same time it pushed me to desire to go back to my studies.

During my life I have spent a lot of time abroad and in multicultural environments and I noticed how much people loved our country, our culture and our creative nature, from design, to food, art and fashion. To me luxury is the highest expression of what Italy can offer and my wish is to dedicate myself into discovering these excellences and make other people discover and experience them.

About myself I can say I enjoy traveling and exploring new places, wherever you bring me I’m happy. I love reading 600 pages historic novels, watching movies, just not horrors because I get too scared and then music from rock&roll, to hip hop and electronic. I inherited from my father the passion for wine, gourmet food and beautiful lifestyle while from my mother I learnt about fashion, elegance and good taste.

I decided to follow this path and start this master because of my past experiences, my personal interests and  cultural background. I expect it to give me a deep and more detailed knowledge about the luxury industry, from fashion to design and especially on the experiential side of luxury, the enogastromic field, travel and hotelerie, which are my biggest passions.




Photo Credits: Yves Klein, Big Blue Anthropometry, 1960


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