Marta Bussi



Tall, blonde, blue eyes, I am Italian, even though I don’t look like.

I come from the Venetian countryside and I’ve studied in different cities. In every place I’ve lived I’ve learned something different: in Venice, the sense of being surrounded by beauty; in Paris, the chance of being a woman; in Bologna, the importance of the square as a place where people take back their right of citizens.

During this time, I understood what I really like: silences and people able to share a silence, colours and roots of a word, poppies and tulips as two different expressions of delicacy, and paper as the most evocative medium.

My background studies are mainly focused on humanistic disciplines, foreign languages and Italian studies. After I took my Bachelor degree in foreign languages and literatures at Cà Foscari, University of Venice, I felt that I could not really embrace anything of a stranger identity if I didn’t master my own at first.

This passage made me aware that identity doesn’t go through only monuments and books, but its most alive part permeates objects produced by the hands of artisans. For this reason I decided to attend the Master in International Luxury Management, in order to acquire the tools to manage this part of identity.


1094756_10151757395459367_27777706_o (2)


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