Giulia Nora



My name is Giulia Nora, i’m 25 years old and i’m from Correggio, a small town in northern Italy. I attended the three year course in FASHION MARKETING & COMMUNICATION at the Polimoda International Institute of Florence, and before i studied Fashion Design in the same Institute for one year.

Fashion has always been the great love of my life, so three years ago, i decided to undertake an accademic course able to provide me with the tools needed in this area of work. Fashion form me has always been much more than a field of work: i consider it a real art form, which is expressed through the talent of visionary disegners, able to connect this world with music, cinema, art and much more.

The italian brand to which i feel more connected is Salvatore Ferragamo, as i think is one of the few brands to keep the most authentic meaning of “Made in Italy” whithin its collections. Other brands that i love are Celine, Hermès, Givenchy and Fendi.

When i go into a shop i like to smell the smell of leather shoes and bags, touch the quality of the tissues with which is made a dress and observe the seams that make it up; i believe that this focus on quality and aesthetics comes from my mother, who has always worked in the world of men’s tailoring and then sent me this attitude.

My biggest dream is to become Communications Director for a fashion house. I’ve always been fascinated by the rules that govern the way in which the world of luxury is presented and communicated to potential costumers and to all those who love to dream.


…Se lo puoi sognare, lo puoi fare.



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