Francesco Grossi


I’m Francesco, 25 years old and I come from a small small small town not far from Pesaro.

I graduated last 2 April 2014 in Economics and Company Management, Marketing specialization. I’ve done my whole university course of study at LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome, where I could develop skills in both business management (while studying for Bachelor Degree) and marketing, exploring all aspects of that subject (especially during the studies for Master Degree).

My passion for Luxury and Fashion was immediately expressed when I did my first work experience for a curricular internship. I was hired by a clothing company (Joe Rivetto), in which I worked for three months as an intern in the production field, managing orders of primary products which arrived from a foreign company and that had to be ordered, registered and continuously updated. I was also assistant manager for the administration of customers, contracts, orders, payments and archive. My supervisors have so much enjoyed my work that they have proposed to me to develop a Joe Rivetto’s marketing campaign and a businnes plan for my International Marketing class. During this internship I have developed even more my passion for the work environment related to the Fashion industry and to the Luxury field and I’ve developed also the idea that the future of Italy is in the “Made In Italy” itself and it would be amazing if I could combine my marketing skills with this fascinating world.

But my life is not all about study and work!!! I strongly believe that to reach happiness you’ve to balance the serious part of your life with the easy and funny one.

I have lot of hobbies and passions and during my spare time i like to do many things: First of all I like to play soccer and i’m a big Juventus fan. I played at competitive levels for years and years, but when i realized that I would not become Cristiano Ronaldo i decided to play soccer just for fun. However I like to be competitive and during the last years i’ve found another way to challenge myself. I started to go fishin’. The best part of this hobby is the particular way to live the nature and admire all the things that she can give to you only respecting her. I also play guitar since i was a little child and my father was my first teacher. Obviously music is a big part of my life…I love her and she loves me.

Nowadays i’m trying to carry on all of my passions but my top focus is around the Master.

I wish to attend this Master to strengthen my training path and to develop skills and capacities in the field of Luxury. I am sure that the experience of the Master in Luxury Management will be also exciting and constructive, because it is a training course in close contact with leading companies and professional teachers who guide the young participants with commitment and passion. My hope is to improve my knowledge and to be able to assert myself in the field of Luxury putting into practice what I have learned. Also my dynamic, creative and predisposed to public relations nature makes me sure I can finish this next phase of study of my life in a satisfactory way.


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