Valerio Cataldo




“ Who does not risk, does not win”

24 years ago … It was January and I could not wait to see the light of my amazing city, Rome!
I’ve just graduated ( with honors=) in business administration at the School of Economics of Rome Tor Vergata. I have a scientific and managerial background, I speak English and French ( it’s my favorite language) and I have always been interested in everything that is part of the great concept of fashion and beauty. But it was during my dissertation that my vocation came out. Fashion spread out everywhere along my thesis on “Corporate Social Responsibility in the fashion industry”.
I am an open-minded and dynamic guy with a sunny nature but also very flexible and able to adapt my behavior to suit different situations. Let’s say that If I want I can act as a chameleon. I like being around people and know what they think. In case I prefer to talk rather than not give my opinion. Talking is better than silence, it enriches. I love my family (my sisters are my greatest love), my friends, volleyball, music, shopping, art exhibitions, concerts, Oriental cuisine, organic food and travels.
Traveling is the best way to enjoy life and to gain experience in a healthy and funny way.

  • Favorite brand: Brunello Cucinelli, I love its business model, he created the humanistic enterprise.
  • Favorite designer: Gianni Versace, he was so unconventional.
  • Favorite artist: Salvator Dalì, every work of art looks like a nightmare.
  • Favorite movie: Shining Through, it’s the perfect balance among war, love and irony.
  • Favorite singer: Amy Winehouse, her voice was unique and touching.
  • Favorite color: gray, it goes well with everything.

What do I expect from this master? At first learn as much as possible about luxury, fashion and Made in Italy, especially as the creative side is concerned. Then have fun, because every experience must leave a beautiful memory and finally ( the most important=) have the opportunity to become part of a creative and serious enterprise that believes in the future.
Because a young guy is more than an internship but a resource in which to invest.

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