Ludovica Quagliato


I’m a twenty-five year old girl, coming  from Rome, where I’ve attended a Law course at Luiss Guido Carli University, and where I graduated one year ago. After my graduation, I moved to London in order to improve my English and to live a new experience abroad, sharing my life with other people from all over the world. This aspect was the most interesting and the most formative, because I think that you can open your mind just meeting other cultures and lifestyles. I’m an outgoing and determined person, humble and reliable. On the other hand my biggest weakness is my way of approaching the job: I’m a perfectionist, this  is positive in one way, but  sometimes I become nervous because I chase the perfection, and it is not always possible.

I’ve always been interested in management and luxury markets, even if I choose another course at university, which allowed me to achieve a great method of study. I’ve a few hobbies and I try to follow them as much as I can. First of all, my favorite hobby is photography: I think that is the only way to fix a moment forever and it is something so fascinating; you can find a picture after years and immediately recall where it was taken and what was happening around and inside of you. I love photography exhibitions, and I always go to see them in Rome; one of the most impressive was Steve Mcarry’s, at Macro MuseumTestaccio in Rome. It changed my way of looking at this passion. My second passion is skiing, even if living in Rome makes it difficult to practice, but yet it is the only sport that I like doing the best.

I’ve chosen an international master course, thinking it was the best choice for me, being an innovative and groundbreaking program. It’s very important for me to have the opportunity of completing part of my studies in a company doing an internship, where I can learn the work rules  and how to cooperate with other people. In the global market there is a high level of competition, therefore I think that this kind of program, which links two different ways of teaching, in class and in a company, offers the possibility of creating the right level of education and experience required to compete my professionalism. It allows me to look at the future, hoping that I’ll reach my goals. If I have to think of myself in ten years, I imagine that I’ll work in a luxury company, maybe in the PR office, and even if it will be hard in terms of hours and commitments, I’ll be a happy woman, who can go home satisfied.


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