Andrea Prato


22 years old Italian boy from Genoa living in Milan dreaming to succeed in the fashion industry. Fashion Stylist, Casting Director Assistant, and interested in whatever is related to beauty.

Instagram addicted, animal lover, vegetarian, slightly obsessed with models.

“Never a failure, always a lesson” is the quote that best represents me.

I love spending time with my family, especially with my grandma who is basically the only memeber of the family who shares with me the passion for the fashion world; I left home when I was 18 so I started to create a “second family” with all the friends that I have met during my university experience. I love going out with them or even just calling and catching up with the news. I also like going to the movies or going out to eat discovering new places.

I have many goals and many aspirations, but I learned that the first thing to aspire to is to be happy and feel good about themselves. This is my “mantra” every single day.

I’m enjoying so much this Luxury Management Master so far. Not just because I’m able to know true professionals who teach me and give me the knowledge that i need to succeed in this world (which was what i excepted from this master), but also because I had the possibility to know beautiful people, everyone with a different story and able to give me something different; I already include them in my second family and I’m sure we wil live unforgettable experiences together.

So that’s all for now,

Hear you soon


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